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Some houses used the water channels of the papermills to do their laundry. The paper mills often had their own washhouses, used for washing the rags and cloths that were the primary material for making paper.

These were water channels used to direct water for irrigation or to supply factories. In Capellades, there is one known as the Rec de Corronaire or Rec Major, in La Pobla de Claramunt; there is the Rec de les Figueres (fig tree channel), in Carme there is the Rec de Carme (Carme waterway), which originates in the Orpí reservoir.

These were planks of wood or sheets of iron placed vertically in an irrigation ditch or canal to stop or regulate the passage of water.

These were wheels with blades or buckets on their outer circumference driven by water from a mill race falling onto them from a height and so turning them. There were axles attached to each of them which then drove machinery in the mill.

This was the term used to refer to the upper floors of paper mills where paper was hung up to dry. The miradors were open spaces, with lines and lines of cords, acting like washing lines, upon which the sheets of paper, still damp from the vats, were hung to dry. They had many windows on all four sides of the building.

The windows of the mirador. The word window obviously comes from theword wind. The doors on these windows have a device that allows the angle at which they are open to be fixed. This system was used to control the airflow in the building.